20 – A winter day around Liverpool Street station

This is just a short photo story to accompany several shots that I am rather fond of. Because, regardless my relationship with it, London occasionally has its moments.


7.00 am – Sunrise over Canary Wharf. This would be the view from my office window. Not that I get the chance to admire it too often. Not only because the sun around here is a rare encounter to start with, or because I’m busy (most of my customers are Italians, so imagine how busy can I be at 7 in the morning), but because as soon as the sun is up, everyone gets blinded by the light (remember, we’re not used to it), and we close the shutters.


9.00 am – Breakfast run. The sun is obviously gone. But the fog is as iconic to this city as the Big Ben or the black cabs, and it does offer some spectacular images. This is the view on St. Mary Axe, also known as the Gherkin. (Gherkin? For real? Only an English person is capable of naming something that – if anything – resembles a suppository, a gherkin). I mean, decide for yourself.


12.30 pm – Lunchtime. This is another certainty around here. It will rain. Sooner or later, it will start raining. On the other hand, let’s face it, this place would not be the financial centre of Europe (although this is all yet to be seen), if it had mediterranean climate, because people (as they should) would just go for drinks on the beach during their lunch breaks, as opposed to consuming tasteless sandwiches in front of computer screens.


17.00 pm – Sunset from my office window. (I definitely spend too much time around here). Somewhere over the rainbow the skies are blue. Maybe. Most likely not.

Technical note: the first picture was taken with my Olympus PEN, while the other three with my iPhone. But, it is the eye that makes a photographer, not necessarily the lens.

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