31 – Souvenirs d’Italie

May 2017 – my last business trip in Italy to say farewell to my customers of many years. Random shots. Vivid colours of spring in Tuscan countryside, metropolitan architecture of Milan, hazy Genoan seaside. I haven’t had chance to take many pictures but sometimes (most times, really), less is more. Tuscany Milan Genoa

29 – Klimt & Co

…where “co” stands mainly for Schnitzel. Anyway; Vienna, the destination of our fencing group’s yearly holiday. The expected nerdy note: I was only familiar with Vienna through the 1949 british noir “The Third Man”, meaning not much at all. Obviously, I did not expect to see the same half-destroyed city, or to find the same … More 29 – Klimt & Co

27 – La Vie en Rosé

…et rouge et blanc. Actually no rosé was consumed during my brief escape to the metropolis sur Seine. On the other hand, I got three days of wonderful diet based on foie gras, cheeses, escargots and andouillette. And wine (because drinking regime is important). Probably not a particularly healthy diet, but seriously, does anyone really care? … More 27 – La Vie en Rosé