114 – Apostasy

Or, how I came to renounce everything I once believed. Best get it off my chest straightaway: in the EU and local elections two weeks ago (which are the only elections I can vote in, as a foreign expat resident in Madrid) the unthinkable happened: I voted to the left. I voted PSOE,  labour (or, … More 114 – Apostasy

112 – Granada

When my Spanish teacher proposed I joined a group of her other students for a weekend trip to Granada, I reluctantly agreed, my reasoning being that I may probably have to travel with other people at some point again, so I may as well test my resistance to travel companions. However, switching from discovering the … More 112 – Granada

111 – EuroRant

It’s been some time since I wrote something sensible on the blog. That’s mainly because I haven’t had anything too interesting to write about as I don’t suppose anyone cares all that much about how I am settling down in Madrid. In case someone does: so far, I am loving it. Living in a country … More 111 – EuroRant

109 – I keep hearing you’re concerned about my happiness…

I am an expat. Again. This time in a country where I do not know a single soul. But someone once called me “contagious”, which may have easily been one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received, so I am certain the isolation will change soon. Tapas, nice wine and spanish men. What can possibly … More 109 – I keep hearing you’re concerned about my happiness…