148 – Hiking La Pedriza

Flashback to the last weekend of September, before Madrid was “confined”. Which in reality never happened, unless you count the two weeks of confinement of the working class neighbourhoods (a wicked masterplan conjured by Madrid’s local establishment), and intermittent peripheral confinement imposed by the central Government, when the rest of the city could not leave … More 148 – Hiking La Pedriza

147 – The C-word

Disclaimer 1: If you are here just to read about the hike, scroll down.  Disclaimer 2: Don’t get your hopes too high. This is not a recount of any same sex sexual experience, that may or may not have happened. The title is not meant literally. Besides, I only ever use that word when talking … More 147 – The C-word

138 – La Donna È Mobile…At Long Last

After 14 weeks of confinement and social restrictions, Madrid entered the new normality at the stroke of midnight last Sunday. Which basically means that getting a table in a bar doesn’t involve queueing for an hour while trying to outstare the luckier customers into surrendering their table quicker. Which is an improvement. It also means … More 138 – La Donna È Mobile…At Long Last

135 – Lockdown Walks

Rant ahead. Driven by economic necessity rather than by overcoming the crisis, many European countries have now started easing the lockdown. The need to restart the recovery is of course paramount, but what has anybody actually done to claim it’s now over? Well, fuck all, really. Every self-taught constitution expert (and football commentator on weekends) … More 135 – Lockdown Walks

128 – Non Più Andrai, Farfallone Amoroso, Notte e Giorno d’Intorno Girando…

My dear readers, I hereby present a few photos from what is likely to be my last hike for a veeeery long time. Hence the title of this entry. You can google it and maybe even work out the subtle irony. Alternatively, should you wish to broaden your cultural horizons with least possible effort, click … More 128 – Non Più Andrai, Farfallone Amoroso, Notte e Giorno d’Intorno Girando…

118- Around Madrid

Summer in Madrid is to be avoided, or rather, Madrid in summer. The city becomes a frying pan. I really struggle to understand what is the appeal of hot weather, and I look rather suspiciously at people who claim they love it. Because what exactly is there to love when the thermometer still shows 38 … More 118- Around Madrid

111 – EuroRant

It’s been some time since I wrote something sensible on the blog. That’s mainly because I haven’t had anything too interesting to write about as I don’t suppose anyone cares all that much about how I am settling down in Madrid. In case someone does: so far, I am loving it. Living in a country … More 111 – EuroRant