127 – Don’t Worry, It Does Get Better…

May you live in interesting times, goes the old Chinese curse – which is of course neither that old, nor Chinese, but it’s common western misconception that anything vaguely clever must be a traditional Chinese proverb. But, misquoted and misunderstood pearls of wisdom look great on Instagram. But don’t we just live in exciting times? … More 127 – Don’t Worry, It Does Get Better…

125 – Gloomy Postcards from Prague

Quick pre-Christmas visit to Prague, without any Christmas atmosphere to it, unless you consider tacky lights on any available surface, people rushing like headless chickens from one overcrowded shopping centre to another and ever-present stench of bad mulled wine festive. Weather was mostly disgusting, wet and foggy. Too many people and no decent light prevented … More 125 – Gloomy Postcards from Prague

122 – Aarhus

When I say I travel a lot for work, I usually get a reaction of excitement and envy. And while a work where one travels often can generally sound appealing, the way I do it isn’t. More often than not I spend more time at the airport or in the aircraft than in the actual … More 122 – Aarhus

118- Around Madrid

Summer in Madrid is to be avoided, or rather, Madrid in summer. The city becomes a frying pan. I really struggle to understand what is the appeal of hot weather, and I look rather suspiciously at people who claim they love it. Because what exactly is there to love when the thermometer still shows 38 … More 118- Around Madrid