102 – Beginner’s Guide to Sexual Tourism for Single Ladies

DISCLAIMER: the following post may be disturbing or offensive to some audiences, includes frequent explicit sexual references (unsuitable for children, parents, fundamentalists of most religions and other sorts of puritans)  and bitter humour (unsuitable for idiots). Also, no creatures of male sex were harmed in the making of this article. Quite the contrary.  For a … More 102 – Beginner’s Guide to Sexual Tourism for Single Ladies

98 – Lake Titicaca

May 13 – 16 Sorata 3 hours of a rather uncomfortable (if you are taller than 150 cm) microbus ride from La Paz, there is Bolivia’s trekking capital, Sorata. Situated at the feet of majestic Illampu, it is quite a sight. The village itself is quite small and uninteresting, mostly hotels and restaurants, but the … More 98 – Lake Titicaca

97 – La Paz

May 8 – 13 Situated in the altitude between 3.5 and 4.1 thousand meters, La Paz really is a city that touches the stars. Uneven, facadeless, precarious-looking brick sheds spread up the hills like a body of some giant amoeba, several lines of cabin ski lifts substitute metro (more to be open later this year), … More 97 – La Paz