116 – Cycling to Beat Blood Cancer 2019

This time last year I published a post about the reasons that got me involved in fundraising for Bloodwise, a UK-based charity that funds blood cancer research. 50 years ago, 90% of children diagnosed with leukemia would die. Nowadays, over 80% recover, also thanks to the ceaseless work of organizations such as Bloodwise. I realize I have now been asking for sponsorship for the last 5 years or so, and I will only stop when that second percentage hits 100. Let’s all hope we’re getting close.


In less than a month I will cycle from London to Paris. I know this may look like I am asking people for money to do something I enjoy, but it’s not the case. I do not see any of the money you decide to donate, it goes directly to the charity. However, to stimulate anyone who may be willing to sponsor me (again), I came up with a the brilliant idea of offering my photos as reward. Whoever makes a donation, however small, can pick a photo of her or his fancy, I will print it in high definition on photographic paper and send it over to you at my expense.

Note 1: I am not a professional photographer, I have never sold a photo in my entire life. I don’t want to be accused of any tax crime, I had enough poop from HMRC already. Whatever donation you wish to contribute with goes directly to Bloodwise through the above mentioned link. It’s safe and works internationally. Don’t forget to add the GiftAid if you are a taxpayer in the UK.

Note 2: should you pick any panorama shot (that is a real pain to print and post), remember it’s at my expense, so don’t be shy and make it worthwhile.

Here is a little suggestion of the photos you can pick from (should you chose one of these, the description will be removed when printed), or if you have time on your hands, you can browse through other posts on this blog and pick your personal favourite.


A big thank you to those who already sponsored me this year, please do contact me with your choice of photo, I will be delighted to send it over. And a big thank you to all who will. This would not be possible without you.


JustGiving - Sponsor me now!


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