115 – Séguidille

Hello World! Did you miss me? I am sorry to have let you down for so long, but I have been a busy girl, which caused a slight delay in going through the photos, and even though I know you really come here for my eclectic rants, this is still a photography blog. Lousy photography most times, I give you that, but at least I’m not feeding you some nonsense about make-up (cause I could really use some advice there to start with), lifestyle (whatever you do, kids, do not try to emulate me) or some healthy cooking tips (on a second thought I could start publicly wanking over my kitchen creations, there may be a few quid in there). I only want to ignite your envy of the amount of travelling I’ve been doing and dazzle you with sheer brilliance of my sarcasm. And humbleness. A bit like Instagram for people with brains.

Sevilla Cathedral & La Giralda bell tower

Photo report from my short holiday with my Mum in Sevilla and a few hopefully useful tips.

When to go: October to May. Do not go to Sevilla in the summer months unless you want to sizzle to a very slow and painful death. Most people go either during the Holy Week to watch all the processions, or just after Easter for the Feria de Abril (a bull fighting “festival” for people who have issues with the size of their manhood, or a big open air binge-drinking party for everybody else). Whatever gets your interest more, the sacred or the profane, or do both. We went the week just before Easter and got out before the processions started, as I don’t particularly enjoy ostentation of religion or slaughtering helpless animals for the pleasure of ferocious crowds.

What do see:

The Cathedral & La Giralda: 12th century mosque turned into a massive gothic cathedral in the 16th century (while humanism was raging elsewhere in Europe, this country’s progressive Royals were still trying to impress the Almighty with monstrous constructions). Climb the beautiful minaret-cum-bell tower (no stairs, just gently inclining ramps, whoever designed the tower did not like the idea climbing up stairs) and enjoy the breathtaking views over Sevilla.

Real Alcazar (aka the Palace of Dorne, for Game of Thrones enthusiasts): Muslim fortress turned Christian palace and to this day official residence of the Spanish Royals when sojourning in Seville and one of the most beautiful examples of Mudéjar architecture in Spain. Don’t miss the gardens. Buy your tickets online to avoid tedious queues.

Expo ’29 pavilion & Plaza de España: the imposing (if a bit tacky) Spanish pavilion of the Ibero-American Expo held in 1929 situated in Maria Luisa park. A walk in the leafy park may be welcome in the heat. It’s also great for people-watching, especially the tourists who take their sweethearts on a romantic rowing tour along the canal. You would not believe how many men struggle to understand the reason boats are built in hydrodynamic shape and almost die of exhaustion while attempting to reverse-row the entire length of the canal.

Other random places of interest: cross the river and take a walk in the Triana neighborhood for more local feel of the city. Opera enthusiasts should pay a visit to Balcon de Rosina.

Alternative programme: indulge in a relaxing afternoon of this fantastic Arab baths. Add a drink on their rooftop jacuzzi with breathtaking cathedral view. My advice is to go there during (spanish) lunchtime, there will be considerably less people.

Kacenka in Seville:

Over and out. More ranting next time. Promise. I have it all lined up already. Enjoy the sunshine.

La Giralda

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