137 – Barcelona Chapter 3 – Caldes de Montbui

For those of you who follow this blog regularly and are interested in the development of my mysterious neighbour’s well-being: (s)he is now risking her/his life should I ever discover her/his identity. The latest addition to the building’s soundtrack is someone (I suspect the same person) attempting to play a trumpet. So we have been … More 137 – Barcelona Chapter 3 – Caldes de Montbui

27 – La Vie en Rosé

…et rouge et blanc. Actually no rosé was consumed during my brief escape to the metropolis sur Seine. On the other hand, I got three days of wonderful diet based on foie gras, cheeses, escargots and andouillette. And wine (because drinking regime is important). Probably not a particularly healthy diet, but seriously, does anyone really care? … More 27 – La Vie en Rosé