121 – Toledo & Segovia II

Relax everyone, no rant this time. I have literally no strength. The only good thing about this tedious month is Sant’Ambrogio, not because I am in any way devout to this particular saint, but because the Milan opera house, La Scala, launches the new season and airs the performance worldwide. Other than that, this time of year makes me want to run in the best of cases, and if I could I’d spend December holed up somewhere in the mountains away from all the shopping madness, away from the tacky lights and markets, away from all the fakeness, from other people and reappear in mid January, or even better, never. Unfortunately I cannot. So here is at least a little flashback to the end of spanish summer.

Return to Toledo, this time I had all the time in the world to visit the cathedral that I missed last winter:

From the streets of Toledo:

San Juan de los Reyes (I think):

From the rooftop of San Idelfonso (the Jesuit church):

Mosque of Christ of the Light:

Segovia (alas, still no cochinillo, but working on an ad hoc trip):

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