74 – BKK (reprise)

January 10 – 13

I am stranded in Bangkok, because either AA or JAL managed to leave my luggage in Los Angeles. I’d put my money on AA. I cannot really get mad with the japanese, because they apologize like 769 times per sentence, and it’s not the poor girl’s on duty fault anyway. While handling the paperwork I miss my connecting flight, so they put me on another one that leaves from a different airport, therefore they pay for a taxi to take me to Haneda. Now I have the japanese stamp in my passport, though the only thing I’ve seen from Tokyo is the ring road. I eventually make it to Bangkok, and then have to wait for 3 days before they manage to deliver the Backpack to my hotel – complete with everything, most importantly the two bottles of mezcal I bought in Mexico. Priorities.

Selfie the old way

There is a silver lining. My mate former flatmate from the uni dorms, Ivana, is in town with her boyfriend Pavel so we manage a couple of slightly alcoholic reunions and a visit to the house of Jim Thompson, the man who made Thai silk famous around the world, before disappearing without trace in Malaysia. The house is a beautiful mixture of traditional thai architecture and european antiques, and most likely the only thing in Bangkok that you should not really miss. And perhaps a few temples. But I have seen all the temples I will ever care about by now.

A ride on public transport canal boat. Rather intense.

A bit of Bangkok downtown architecture:

And chilling in the park with these little fellas:

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