23 – To the other half of the sky

According to a chinese proverb (paraphrased by the opening line of John Lennon’s song Woman), women hold up half the sky. Which I’m guessing must mean that men hold the other half. Which is more or less what I was meaning to express in my previous post. That we are both equally as important. That we complement each other. That there should be no battle of sexes (or that March 8th should not be mistaken for one). And now I am not so sure I managed to pass this message on.


Extenuating circumstances: it was late in the evening and I couldn’t sleep, I wasn’t 100% sober (shocker), and I was feeling a little bit down (shocker II, but then again I had just witnessed Arsenal being slaughtered at home by Bayern, so feeling a bit down was probably understandable. Uhm. Nice try. ). I am not sure what I actually meant to write, but I didn’t want to wander into topics too deep or too controversial, I didn’t want to sound militant (which I am not) or angry with men (which I am mostly not, at least not by default); and if nothing else I think I managed at least that. It was just a stream of consciousness. A few ideas I felt like sharing. Unfortunately this time the whole thing was a little lacking in logical link and did not lead to a clear conclusion. I admit it could have been written better, but I don’t believe in rewriting already published stuff, unless there are formal or factual errors. There was neither, just one woman’s confused thoughts (shocker III).

Which is the whole point, really. There is no conclusion, cause as much as I love you, guys, I don’t bloody understand you and I don’t think I ever will. Actually, I am even a bit worried that if  one day I came to understand you, I’d be like: “uh, really, that’s it?”. So preserving the benefit of doubt (and what’s left of some hope) is probably a good thing. Show a little faith, there is magic in the night. Mainly in the night.


Oh, and. If you are wondering why did I think it was a good idea to publish a photo of my naked bum in the previous post, or what it had to do with anything, I am not entirely sure. But it is a beautiful picture. It was taken by mere coincidence by my best friend in the morning of my 30th birthday in a hotel room in Barcelona, I had just waken up and wasn’t even posing. And I am just a woman. I’m vain. So thanks, Eva. I have a picture I can show to my grandchildren (if I ever live to see any) and go on and on about how fit their granny was. Which is also why I chose pictures accompanying the current entry. My vanity, I mean. I was very young and very happy when they were taken. It’s nice to remember how I felt back then. Ah, girrrrrrrl…was she told when she was young that pain would lead to pleasure? Probably. It’s all crap, of course. Pain only leads to more pain, and sometimes, pleasure leads to pain, too. But I guess that’s a risk worth taking.


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