84 – The South

Feb 21 I finally make it to Invercargill, as the wind strength gets to a normal level. Normal for New Zealand, so the flight is still pretty bumpy. My host Trev is the nicest, most genuine guy I’ve yet met. We have another Kiwi style dinner, eating fish and chips in the car as he … More 84 – The South

83 – The Cruise

Feb 17 – 18 Jan and Ben are going for a short holiday around New Zealand and I join them for a couple of days, after which I continue south to Steward Island, as I managed to reserve an overnight accommodation in the huts along the Raikura trail. We leave saturday morning roughly in the … More 83 – The Cruise

81 – The North

Feb 8 – 11 We leave Eva at the airport in Auckland ( 😦 ) and continue north towards Whangarei, supposedly 2 hours away, if it wasn’t for the fact that we took a wrong turn and ended up going a longer, albeit more scenic, way. We have two full days to spend in Northland, … More 81 – The North