137 – Barcelona Chapter 3 – Caldes de Montbui

For those of you who follow this blog regularly and are interested in the development of my mysterious neighbour’s well-being: (s)he is now risking her/his life should I ever discover her/his identity. The latest addition to the building’s soundtrack is someone (I suspect the same person) attempting to play a trumpet. So we have been … More 137 – Barcelona Chapter 3 – Caldes de Montbui

31 – Souvenirs d’Italie

May 2017 – my last business trip in Italy to say farewell to my customers of many years. Random shots. Vivid colours of spring in Tuscan countryside, metropolitan architecture of Milan, hazy Genoan seaside. I haven’t had chance to take many pictures but sometimes (most times, really), less is more. Tuscany Milan Genoa