98 – Lake Titicaca

May 13 – 16 Sorata 3 hours of a rather uncomfortable (if you are taller than 150 cm) microbus ride from La Paz, there is Bolivia’s trekking capital, Sorata. Situated at the feet of majestic Illampu, it is quite a sight. The village itself is quite small and uninteresting, mostly hotels and restaurants, but the … More 98 – Lake Titicaca

97 – La Paz

May 8 – 13 Situated in the altitude between 3.5 and 4.1 thousand meters, La Paz really is a city that touches the stars. Uneven, facadeless, precarious-looking brick sheds spread up the hills like a body of some giant amoeba, several lines of cabin ski lifts substitute metro (more to be open later this year), … More 97 – La Paz

96 – Dinos!

May 4 I frankly don’t understand why the buses in this country travel on schedules that will get you to your destination in the middle of the night. To my great surprise, when a bus is supposed to arrive at a certain hour, it will mostly arrive even earlier. Which means that I find myself … More 96 – Dinos!